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It is vitally important to stay informed on law changes, industry trends, technology, etc. Often, continuing education is a great way to hone the skills or perhaps to learn about areas outside of the typical daily practice. It is an informative way to manage risk by learning of pitfalls and problems that may occur in the industry. My commitment as a full-time real estate profession is evidenced in the past continuing education achievements.


Certified Commercial Investment Member

Since 1969 the Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation has been conferred by the Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CIREI) through its education program. The 240 hours of graduate-level curriculum leading to the designation represent the finest education available in real estate. Professional experience requirements ensure that a CCIM is skilled not only in theory, but also in practice. Only more than 6,000 commercial real estate professionals hold the CCIM designation, which reflects the caliber of the program and why it is one of the most coveted and respected designations in the industry.


CI 101 - Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate ~ COMPLETED

  • Measure investment performance of a property using a variety of methods; the sales comparison approach, the cash flow model, net present value, discount rate and capitalization rate methods.
  • Understand the components and structure of commercial real estate loans.
  • Calculate before- and after-tax yields.
  • Apply the principals of commercial real estate, investment fundamentals, tax regulations and related business subjects to real-world applications.


CI 104 - Investment Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate ~ COMPLETED

  • Analyze a client or owners' needs to determine the best investment strategy.
  • Understand various financing options that may be available for a project.
  • Determine the best disposition strategy for a property.
  • Know the tax issues that affect the acquisition and disposition of real estate investments.
  • Understand modern investment concepts such as expected value based on probabilities, real estate exchanges, capital accumulation and income partitioning.


Business Fundamentals for Real Estate Brokers 

The Honolulu Board of REALTORS®, in partnership with the University of Hawaii at Manoa—Shidler College of Business, presents a professional Certificate Program on “Business Fundamentals for Real Estate Brokers.” COMPLETED

  • Legal Studies for Brokers
  • Communications & Negotiation
  • Communication, Motivation & People Challenges
  • Running a Brokerage Business



Hawaii Real Estate Law~ COMPLETED

  • This course summarizes the latest law changes


Condominium Development Process ~ COMPLETED

  • What is a condominium and how is it created? How is it different from a subdivision? Can you sell land only in a condo project? Learn what steps are involved in the creation of the condominium, who does what, how long does it take, how much does it cost, what is a prelim, contingent, final and supplemental public report? What do you need to know to help your client make sure that they are not buying trouble in a condo project? Do you have to have a common element in a condo? A great introduction to the condominium process.


Permits, Permits and more Permits ~ COMPLETED

  • What is an as built permit and why is it so difficult to obtain? What departments have been dissolved and what is the new agency that is responsible for zoning and building permits? The course will also introduce 25 other permits and applications that the landowner may have to deal with at the city. 


Understanding the Land Use Ordinance ~ COMPLETED

  • A comprehensive class on how to understand the pertinent materials in the Land Use Ordinance (LUO), the bible of zoning for Oahu, that relate to realtors and landowners. General development standards, setback requirements, new parking rules, sign regulations, legal nonconforming and legal nonconforming use properties, floor area ratios (FAR), lanai enclosures, existing use permits, flag lot requirements, etc., will be discussed. Zoning districts and permitted uses, the 3 separate ohana rules, site development, and zero lot line.


Wills Trusts and Real Estate ~ COMPLETED

  • The new probate law and the new estate tax laws will have a great impact on current and future estate plans. The course deals with myths and truths about wills and trusts and why most estate plans fail to take into consideration the 10 areas of estate planning. Tenancies and its effect on capital gains tax, estate tax, improper gifting, CRT, QPRT, QTIP, GST and FLP will be discussed and how they benefit the taxpayer in good estate planning.


Zoning Issues, Problems, Questions and Answers ~ COMPLETED

  • Changes to the zoning laws, new building department rules, the reorganization of the city agencies that deal with zoning and building permits, the new Department of Planning and Permitting, the general and development plan will be discussed. Zoning variance, zoning adjustments, existing use permits, paper subdivision, the sewer department plans for the next decade, water supply requirements, fire protection standards, etc.


1031 Tax Laws ~ COMPLETED

  • All about 1031 Tax Laws.


Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource Certification ~ COMPLETED

  • Knowing how to help sellers maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosure opportunities are not merely good skills to have in today’s market—they are critical.


HUD, VA (Non) Judicial Foreclosures ~ COMPLETED

  • The process involved in HUD, VA, Judicial and Non-Judicial Foreclosures, Bankruptcies and Short Sales. Learn how to help your sellers deal with the lenders if they are in default and understand the processes involved. Learn how to buy the foreclosed properties through the HUD and VA programs and how to bid on Judicial Foreclosed properties.


National Association of Realtor’s GREEN Designation ~ COMPLETED

  • NAR’s Green Designation provides real estate professionals with knowledge and awareness of green building principals applied to residences, commercial properties, developments, and communities so that they can help consumers in purchasing, retrofitting, and operating green properties. 


The Latest in Tax Law and Financial Planning Issues ~ COMPLETED

  • The Council of Residential Specialist (CRS) provides on the most recent tax laws and financial planning issues within the past 12 months. 


Complex Title Matters Identifying & Resolving ~ COMPLETED

  • Understanding key title issues through the title report review process and to recognize potential pitfalls that need immediate resolution. 


Wealth Building ~ COMPLETED

  • The Council of Residential Specialist (CRS) provides knowledge of identifying and creating strategies for building wealth through real estate investments. Determine the factors and use the tools to measure the performance of real estate investments.  


Global Real Estate Transaction Tools ~ COMPLETED

  • Knowledge of foreign markets, the metric system of measurements, varying tax laws, visa regulations, currency fluctuations from offer to closing, value concepts and compiling property data fro decision making are key pieces of an international transaction. 


Asia/Pacific & International Real Estate ~ COMPLETED

  • Supplying information, insights and skills for working with Asian investors seeking overseas properties and for investors from the Americas seeking investment in Asia. 


Broker’s Price Opinion Certification ~ COMPLETED

  • Evaluating properties depends more than ever on professional expertise and competence, the best use of technology, and a commitment to approach the valuation assignment from all pertinent perspectives. BPOs provide critical information for decisions and have been widely adopted as a valuation tool in the mortgage industry and increasingly for government programs intended to aid the economy and help homeowners avoid foreclosure. 


Hawaii Lands, Historical Review - Oahu ~ COMPLETED

  • An overview of the origins of Hawaii’s land titles, beginning from the ancient Hawaiian land system to a summary of the Public Land Trust. 


Certified Negotiation Expert Designation Course for Real Estate Professionals ~ COMPLETED

  • Competitive Win-Lose Hard Bargaining vs. Collaborative Win-Win Negotiation, Psychology of Buying, Persuasion of Principles.