In our ultra competitive real estate profession, past client’s referrals is ultimately the lifeblood of my future business. And as such, below are excerpts from a few of many thankful notes I have received from satisfied & happy :) clients.  I understand reference checking is an important function of the hiring process, please feel free to contact any of my past clients.  I simply hope to earn your business. Contact information is upon request only. 

"one of the most conscientious and thorough person I have had the pleasure to work with" and Mathew never waivered in his effort, moving forward to the next property with as much enthusiasm as he did with the first.” 
Bruce Detloff (Anchorage, Alaska) 

"We conducted a few real estate transactions over the years, and as the sellers, we usually wouldn’t take notice of the buyer’s agent, but Mathew was so exceptional that we couldn’t help but notice."
2233 Ala Wai Former Penthouse Owners/ also AOAO Board Member (Honolulu, Hawaii)

“You are a first-class real estate agent and I truly value your expertise.  Beyond that, you have a great attitude.”
Eric Ives & Miki Akiyoshi (formally Honolulu residence, relocated to Washington DC)

"Mathew was a blessing for our families relocation from the midwest to Hawaii. He had been extremely helpful and more than willing to provide us with everything that we needed and wanted to know. Our move was 10 times easier because we were kept on track with what was going on. From looking for the perfect home to finding it and then getting it, Mathew made it seem like a breeze! I would definitely work with him again as well as recommend him with the highest level of professional services, integrity, and respect."
Joaquin & Anna DeQuintanaRoo (formally an Iowa residence, relocated to Honolulu, HI)

"In all my years buying and selling real estate, Mathew Ngo is the best. P.S. I'm 75 yrs old"
Pete Sullivan (Hilo, Hawaii)

" I am happy to recommend Mathew Ngo. He's pleasant, kind, sincere, honest and helpful! Great Traits!"
Rikki Jo Hickey (formally an Oregon residence, relocated to Honolulu, HI)

" We truly appreciate all the hard work you put in to helping us locate, research and purchase our property. The exceptional personal service provided should be commended. You can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friends"
Mark & Rie Sasaki (Honolulu, Hawaii) 

"Mathew made our experience of purchasing our 1st home memorable and surpassed all of our expectations”
Brian & Carolyn Ishikawa (Honolulu, Hawaii)

"Mathew made it all very convenient and as easy as possible purchasing; we were at a distance and didn’t feel at a disadvantage”
Barry & Margaret Patrick (Saratogo, California)

"The usual advice to buyers of real estate is to “Get your own realtor and don’t rely on the seller’s realtor”. We went against that advice in this case and dealt exclusively with you, the seller’s representative. From our standpoint, you handled the entire transaction in a completely forthright and helpful manner from beginning to end. We are very please and appreciative of your help”
E.J. and Patricia Stemig (Hermosa Beach, California)

"Mathew was excellent. He did a fantastic job facilitating the transaction”
Dr. Gochu (Honolulu, Hawaii)

" I am a foreigner and a new comer on the Hawaiian market. This is my third real estate transaction and I must admit I never felt as comfortable with a real estate agent as I am with Mathew. Besides his in-depth knowledge of today’s market, he provided key information about history of buildings making my selection easier. He also showed an exceptional reactivity during negotiation and a very good guidance about items I should/should not accept. The buyer process has been executed from overseas. The key success factor of a remote transaction is trust. Only an exceptional level of integrity, reactivity and objectivity can provide the mutual trust required. Mathew showed of all these qualities.”
Thierry Nicol (Paris, France)